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SHREE AASHAPURA METAL INDIA was incorporated in the year 1994 as a premium manufacturer of seamless stainless steel tubes, welded tubes, pipes and U-tubes in Austenitic, Ferritic and Duplex grade. Promoted by our prolific leaders, we are today renowned as one of the most leading, innovative and trusted names in our market segment. Our expertise is also well acclaimed by accreditations from the government as well as other globally recognized authorities.

We also recognize and conform to the Quality Management System. Our comprehensive production strength coupled with a strong Quality Management System, puts us at the forefront of the industry in terms of quality, production capacity (over 8000 Metric Tons annually) and above all client satisfaction. With our streamlined approach, competitive pricing and a strong global nexus, we are an ideal choice for all seamless stainless steel pipes, tubes and their related services.


Support of the organization's trusted workforce .
These factors have been strong motivators behind our leaders' endeavors and have always guided them in the right direction.

why choose Us


We are one of those industries who are already experiencing substantial growth.


We believe in providing best proffessional service to different industries all over the world.


With innovation and dynamism, we align our services along various industry lines


You will be experiencing top quality services from us.


We provide our service at the best market price, which is cost effective to all types of industries.


Customer Satisfaction and on time delivery of service is our first priority.

It is from this idea that we derive our core philosophy -

'Success is joint venture and not the achievement of one man alone'. Guided by this beacon, we constantly strive to make our presence by sharing our success equally with all those who have contributed to it.