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PTFE (Polytetrafluoroethylene) is an idle material thus has fantastic concoction obstruction. We offer our clients with an extensive variety of PTFE Gaskets that are manufactured utilizing embellishment and PTFE technique by utilizing PTFE granular tar and other plastic. These items are known for being heat safe and free of harm that can be caused by synthetic concoctions. Our PTFE gaskets are generally refreshing for solidness and unwavering quality. These gaskets are exceptionally created so that these can withstand high gathering burdens and deliver high seating anxieties.



Expanded PTFE Sheet Gasket : Extended PTFE Sheet Gasket is a Universal sheet gasket material for generally benefits. Seals harsh and unpredictable surfaces.Seals of up to 3000+psi can be accomplished relying upon the spine compose and plan and kind of media being fixed. this gasket is reasonable for temperatures to 600 F. E-PTFE is significantly milder and more adaptable than standard Expanded PTFE Sheet Gasket and along these lines adjusts effortlessly to unpredictable and harsh surfaces.

PTFE Gasket : PTFE Gasket determination ring gasket, cut gasket, strong ring gasket are accessible in 1.5 mm, 2 mm and 3 mm, 4 mm, 5 mm thick. Gaskets are made to suite diverse rib standard like; E/F table, ANSIB-16.5-150, 300 and 600. Class rib, "Commotion" standard spines from 1/2" NB (15NB) to 28" NB. PTFE gaskets are accessible in raise confront measure and full face estimate. PTFE gaskets are additionally accessible according to customer drawing particular.

PTFE Envelope Gasket : PTFE Envelope Gasket are two compose:

Slitted Type : It is accessible in 0.5 mm to 0.5 mm thick or thickness according to client necessity.

Processed Type/"U" Type : It is accessible in made with 0.5 mm spine and gas per client prerequisite.

Envelope gaskets are additionally accessible with Asbestos/Non-asbestos and Steel Filler.

PTFE Ring Gasket : We are one of the main makers of an extensive variety of PTFE Ring Gasket. Our scope of PTFE ring and gasket is produced utilizing forming technique with PTEF strategy with PTEF granular pitch. PTFE, contrasted and different plastics, has prevalent properties against synthetic compounds and temperature. The PTFE ring and gasket offered by us is very appreciated by the entirety of our customers because of their high unwavering quality and also strength. These ring joint gaskets are particularly intended to withstand astoundingly high gathering loads over a little region, in this manner delivering high seating anxieties.


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